About Us

The idea behind One Good Eye Silver was born a few years ago when, while attending an auction, I came upon a lot of vintage Mexican silver jewelry. Though I didn't recognize the specific tradition at the time - after all, I had never seen Mexican jewelry before - I was captivated by the bold, expressive designs, the exceptional craftsmanship and the individual silversmith's mark evident in their hand-wrought uniqueness.

That night witnessed the beginnings of a passionate love affair that has me since not only avidly seeking out Mexican silver bracelets, necklaces and brooches from the country's early 20th c. silversmithing renaissance; it has also motivated me to study the circumstances under which those pieces were created, their connection to Mexico's long and rich history as well as to the lives and experiences of their creators.

I am mostly interested in Mexican jewelry made in the 1920s -1960s period with a focus on work from the 1920s to the mid-1950s. While offering pieces that bear the signature of well-known and highly collected maestros like Spratling, Aguilar, Los Castillo, Pineda and Margot de Taxco among others is definitely one of my primary goals, I have to admit that I also love the creativity and craftsmanship evident in the jewelry made by silversmiths whose names are less celebrated. Even though they haven't yet attained the high status of those early maestros, their work is more often than not at least en par with that of their more famous contemporaries.